Online Course for IELTS 2019 Part 9

6 Basic Punctuation Rules Can you imagine a paragraph without any periods or commas? In truth, it would be almost unreadable. There are 14 punctuation marks in English grammar, and, at minimum, one of them has to appear in every sentence, never mind every paragraph, to make it easily understood. The good news is, with fourteen […]

Online Course for IELTS 2019 Part 8

Top 10 Most Racist Words in English Language The English language continues to surprise many due to its confusing nature and mischievously disguised words. Even if you think you are the most non-racist person around, it is most likely that you have still been using words which have racist implications. This list of top 10 […]

Online Courses For IELTS 2019 Part 6

Online Courses For IELTS 2019 Part 6- 40 Proverbs to Spice Up Your English and Make You Wiser People say that proverbs are timeless.  They are passed on from generation to generation and at times it’s hard to trace them back to their origin.  Proverbs reflect important cultural values and the wisdom of people.  By understanding proverbs, […]