HideAWAY Review-treat the earth and all its creatures with the utmost respect.

HideAWAY is the child of Wendy Campbell and her Fiance Bruce Arms . The name ‘HideAWAY’ is very special and meaningful to Wendy and Bruce with the ever-romantic Bruce proposing to Wendy on the Shores of Hideaway Bay in Queensland’s beautiful Whitsundays. The whimsical branding portrays the azure waters and white sands of Hideaway Bay that mean so much to them. You might know Wendy as the mother of International Fitness Guru Ashy Bines (Evans) and the loving Mammy of Ashy’s little boy Taj. Wendy is also mum to 2 grown up sons and fur kids Jax, George, Opie, JT and Nero. Bruce is a renowned professional yachtsman and World Record holder and was also the Project/Voyage Manager for Jessica Watson’s achievement of the youngest person to sail around the world solo. Steve and Ashy Evans are now proudly running the hideAWAY operations and other family members also have roles while Wendy continues to be creative director.

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Through hideAWAY, Wendy has embraced her lifelong dream of crafting beautiful artisan soaps and wholesome body products that are made from the goodness of Mother Nature. Hideaway has a team of much loved artisan soap and body product makers who make the products by hand using traditional methods. They take pride in using natural ingredients which are locally sourced and sustainable as much as is possible. HideAWAY products are lovingly handmade from Organic oils and butters that are rich in the antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that are essential to healthy, radiant skin. Hideaway proudly handcrafts a signature range of whipped soaps, soap bars, body custards, scrubs and bath time treats in a unique selection of fragrances like no other.

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HideaAWAY’s values are based on the shared passion and love that Wendy and Bruce have for the planet and particularly the oceans and waterways. Bruce has sailed many thousands of miles across the oceans of Mother Earth and has seen firsthand, the mess that humans have made. HideAWAY wants to make a difference through the preservation of our oceans for future generations and dedicates a portion of revenue each year to make sure this happens. Bruce actively participates in community beach clean ups and HideAWAY makes donations to ocean and sea life preservation causes. No harm is caused to natural habitats during the production process and no products are tested on animals. HideAWAY supports ethical, sustainable production. Hideaway’s vision is to treat the earth and all its creatures with the utmost respect. Reverence to a kinder way of living is a big part of why they do what they do.

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